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5.30pm BST / 9.30pm PKT / 12.30pm EST

Recycle / Reimagine / Reuse: Trash into Teaching

A brief look at the work of Creative Madness is undertaking in underfunded, rural schools in South Africa & the effects of the creative arts, especially puppetry, in developing a more “Fun” education system to encourage better learning.

After which will be a workshop on how some of the educational materials we use are made. We’ll be using scrap material to create a hand-held mask used by our Facilitators & Educators in storytelling, roleplay & teaching.

Peter was born and grew up in Swansea, South Wales. His parents moved to Nigeria in 1968 and there, Peter was exposed to all the colours, sounds and smells of Africa. He returned to UK in 1973 and remained there until he was 11. He arrived in South Africa in 1975 and remained there until 1980, when he went back to UK to explore “O” & “A” Levels in Theatre, Art & Design and Art. He was a member of the West Glamorgan Youth and Dance Theatre and various professional companies. After completing a BA(Hons) in Theatre Arts & Design and Design Arts at the University of Plymouth, he returned to S.A. in October 1995 for a three-week holiday. He never went back. Since then, he has written, directed, or performed in too many productions too remember. He’s been involved in everything from Shakespeare to puppetry, from pantomime to farce and diversity has always been the name of his game.


He received the Durban Regional Vita Award for “Best Director” in 2001 for his work on “King Kong”, and a KZN Fools Award in 2002 for being a “Theatrical Conveyer Belt”. In 2003 he was awarded “Best Costume Design” and 2004 for “Lighting” and “Best Director” for “The Complete works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)”. Several of his productions have received Vita / Durban Theatre Award nominations and he has created productions for Ushaka Marine World, Unilever, the ICC, PAIN Benefits, various Corporate Production Companies & KickstArt


He is currently designing and creating Educational Workshops for the MRP Foundation assisting rural Educators to Teach the Creative Arts.


Peter lives in Durban with his husband, Warren & their 2 dogs (both of whom are SPCA rescues)

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