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Luiz Reikdal

Luiz Reikdal puppeteer from Brazil. Graduated in theater education back in 2009. Worked with Manoel Kobachuk at Teatro de Bonecos Dr Botica from 2006 to 2010. After a nine-year withdrawal from theater, he returned to puppetry with Oficina de Bonecos in São José dos Pinhais and Creative Academy with the Create Online Puppetry Summer School. 


YouTube @LuizReikdal


Anita Branković

Anita is a Serbian actress (TV and theater). She is a member of the "Pinocchio puppet theater" in Belgrade. Anita performs the monodrama "Petrijin venac" (Petri's wreath). She also give the voice to cartoons characters. She worked with children in an acting school.

Susie Boeselt

Susie is a multi-disciplinary artist working and living on Kaurna land. Her work is concerned with imagination, collaboration and creativity as core human experience. She holds a Masters degree in Visual Art and Design, in addition to post-graduate qualifications in Art History and Puppetry Arts. Susie is currently extending her puppet making practice into performance and storytelling.


Cat Chan

Cat Chan is based in Hong Kong. She holds a doctoral degree in literary studies and has been studying the basics of shadow puppetry since 2021 when she was depressed by her dissertation. Since then, she’s become a big fan of puppetry. As an amateur, she enjoys making puppets out of the randomly found used materials. She will soon attend a course on puppet-assisted play therapy (PAPT) to explore the possibilities of puppetry and its healing effects. Her puppet companion is Summer the snowman who heals and supervises her every work. (Instagram: summercatchan)

Samantha Webb

Samantha Webb.jpeg

Samantha Webb is a full time children’s author and illustrator with a passion for creating hand sewn teddy bears. Based in Plymouth, Devon, Samantha has two wonderful children and one amazing husband who help her to balance a creative career around her invisible illnesses. Samantha decided to indulge a lifelong love of puppets in January 2023 and has dived in head first creating over 20 puppets in the first 6 months, many of them with very cheeky personalities. Puppetry allows Samantha to bring her love of storytelling and craftsmanship together in harmony and there are many more puppets planned for the future. 

Samantha created her first puppet film From One Tiny Spark as part of Create Puppetry Online’s Summer School, you can view it here:

Samantha is excited to continue exploring the world of puppetry and you can see her journey, find out more or make contact on Instagram or her website. 

Mahesha B R

Mr. Mahesha B R is an artist, illustrator, colorist, and puppeteer who is a part of the Sphoorthi Theatre Youth Team. He has trained under a master from Karnataka's traditional puppetry culture. He has collaborated with a significant number of artists on tableau works, artistic painting work, set designing, and set works for firms that specialize in event management. He has a strong interest in the culinary arts and has had positions as both a supervisor and a chef in a few different restaurants in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In addition to providing assistance to public schools located in rural areas, he is the leader of the Sphoorthi programme "Aarambha," which translates to "a beginning." /

Social Media Handles: Facebook:

Instagram: mahesh.kingpin

For more info: visit

Padmini Rangarajan

An Educational Puppeteer, Storyteller, Speaker, and Presenter, as well as Education-Related Researcher Scholar. She has a Master of Philosophy degree in Sociology from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University in Hyderabad, a Post Graduate degree in Social Work from Karnatak University in Dharwad, and a Post Graduation Diploma in women's studies from the same university. Her areas of specialization include storytelling, puppetry, folklore, sociology, and education, and she does her own study in each of these fields. She has been teaching for a significant amount of time, almost ten years. She began teaching at the Vivekananda Institute of Languages in Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, in 2005 and remained there until March of 2010, during which time she instructed students in spoken English and basic Chinese Mandarin. From 2003 until 2010, she worked as a Resource Person for The Hindu Newspaper in Education (NIE) programme. To ensure that our cultural legacy is preserved for future generations, we need individuals who are driven by passion and vision and who are committed to making major changes in the way people learn and teach. She is a Director and a significant role in the organization's inception, and she has been essential in the organization's attempts to achieve its goals through the collaborative use of theatrical techniques, narrative storytelling, and puppetry in the classroom (Educational Puppetry).

Chief Editor of Puhalika Patrika- A Digital Puppetry Magazine -2019-till date

One of the Editors of Sanrakshan-A Natural biodiversity –E magazine 2022-till date

General Secretary UNIMA Puppeteers Trust, India- 2023-2025

Senior Fellowship in Puppetry, Ministry of Culture, India- 2021-22

Swachhata Sarathi Fellowship 2021-22,

STREE 2021 Kshamata Innovation Foundation, Bengaluru

Tata Fellowship in Folklore 2012-2013

International Online Diploma in Puppet Therapy Program (2021-2022) awarded

by School of Puppetry Therapy Chile, sponsored by the Commission for Educational,

Therapy and Development of UNIMA International.

Guest Expert Speaker at International Professional Learning English Course in

English and Foreign Languages University-EFLU, Hyderabad.

Faculty Trainer and a Resource Person with Centre for Cultural Resources and

Training-CCRT, Hyderabad.


Contact: / / /

Social Media handles:

Instagram: sphoorthitheatresteparc

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