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5pm BST / 9pm PKT /  12pm EST
How to Speak “Educationese:”
Powerful Ideas for Puppetry in the Classroom that Administrators will Love!


Join puppetry educator Johanna Smith for an exploration of fun, accessible puppetry activities for the classroom that have been specifically designed to showcase the powerful learning that is unique to puppetry.


Explore ways to assess and communicate the discoveries and development of students in ways administrators will understand. No expensive materials are necessary. Part of this exploration will be finding ways to create puppetry anywhere and everywhere.


Recommended materials:

This will be a Zoom session. Please bring an interesting kitchen utensil that can be safely played with. If one is not available, a natural object like an interesting branch would work. Please also bring a few sheets of notebook or computer paper.

Johanna Smith is a Professor of Theatre Education, Improvisation, and Puppetry at California State University, San Bernardino. She has served as an artist and educator for professional theatres, museums, colleges, libraries, public schools, private schools, and preschools around the world. She is a frequent presenter on puppetry as an accessible and powerful tool for educators and is the author of the popular education text Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education: Head, Hands, and Heart. She lives in the greater Los Angeles area with entirely too many pets.


To find out more about Professor Johanna Smith visit the following links:

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