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9am BST / 1pm PKT / 4am EST
Make your own cranky box and story scroll. 

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Cranky's are traditionally used in folk singing and storytelling, rather than turning a page to reveal the images, they appear across the “screen” of the box by turning a handle (or crank). The Moving Panorama or Cranky Theatre was an innovation on panoramic paintings in the mid-nineteenth century. It became a new visual element to theatre and was among the most popular forms of entertainment, serving as an ancestor and platform to early cinema.

Materials list:

(for adults and 8yrs+ . Adult Supervision necessary for young people)

cranky workshop each participant will need

- 1 small cardboard box (a small cereal box or tissue box is perfect somewhere around 12x25x6cm ) 

- a glue stick

- scissors

- pencil & pencil sharpener

- ruler

- 2 sheets of either A4 thick paper or thin card (contrasting colours eg blue & yellow or pink & orange)

- 4 sheets of A4 thin white paper

- 2 straight sticks (dowel / long chopsticks / long pencils, that are a little longer than the width of your cereal box)

- 1 A4 sheet of cardboard box (brown packaging box - possible to cut with scissors)

- a sewing needle

- tape (sellotape or gaffer not masking tape unless it's strong)

Emma (she/they) is a creative producer, maker and cultural worker with an intrigue in all things analogue, strange and surreal. Their work centres around social politics and the notion of home: identity, housing, ecology. Interests stem from a rural upbringing in a working class family, a primary education steeped in community collaboration and are further compelled by the global climate crisis. They work in Scotland and internationally with ; activists, farmers, educators, human rights lawyers, poets and makers of all ages to create puppetry, print, performance and animation.

PAS_006_01_X1_0218 (1).jpg

To find out more about Emma Brierley visit the following links:

Temporary Commons;

Co-Founder of Swallow The Sea Caravan Theatre 

Board Member for Puppet Animation Scotland

Trustee with The Forest



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