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10:30am BST / 2:30pm  PKT / 5:30am EST 

10:30am BST / 2:30pm  PKT / 5:30am EST 

Paper and Material Theater for the camera.

The paper theater workshop looks at paper as a material to build a performance with images or few words, designed specifically for the Zoom screen. It looks at both abstract and concrete paper puppets in camera.

Age group - either children aged 10-13 years
Or adults

Material List: 


A4 paper plain, sticks (bamboo craft sticks, skewers or broom sticks), tape (ideally half inch paper tape but any will do), scissors, colours, some thick paper, cutters and cutting mat (optional)

Anurupa Roy is a puppeteer, puppet theatre director and puppet designer. Her primary interest in the unique relationship between the puppet, puppeteer and performance space. She has constantly aspired to push the definition of the puppet through collaborations with dancers, actors, animators and traditional master puppeteers. She has used puppetry in classrooms, in juvenile remand homes, in conflict zones, in the streets and at protest sites. She is a puppet theatre researcher with a special focus on puppetry history and traditional form. She is also guest faculty at several universities and a consultant in arts based projects. She is a Trustee of the UNIMA Puppeteers Trust (Indian Chapter of the Union Internationale 

De La Marionette).

     She is the Co-founder, Artistic Director and Managing Trustee of The Katkatha since 1998. Katkatha is a travelling puppet theatre group with a repertoire of over thirty shows.

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